Jim Harper

Jim Harper is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the webmaster of federal government transparency website WashingtonWatch.com. At Cato, Jim works to adapt law and policy to the unique problems of the information age, in areas such as privacy, telecommunications, intellectual property, security, and government transparency. In 2014, Jim served a stint as Global Policy Counsel for the Bitcoin Foundation. Jim was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee and co-edited the book Terrorizing Ourselves: How U.S. Counterterrorism Policy Is Failing and How to Fix It. He has been cited and quoted by numerous print, Internet, and television media outlets, and his scholarly articles have appeared in the Administrative Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, and the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly. Jim wrote the book Identity Crisis: How Identification Is Overused and Misunderstood. He holds a J.D. degree from UC Hastings College of Law.