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Press Releases

Bipartisan Oversight Measure on Government Spending Becomes Law

The bipartisan Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act, which directs federal agencies to publish more information online about federal spending, was signed into law by President Biden. This bill will make it possible for Congress and the American public to better understand what their government is allocating resources and provide capabilities to analyze how budget proposals.

Congress Advances Bipartisan Open Data and Transparency Bills

Congress has advanced multiple bills that promote transparency about government activities and increase the use, availability, and accessibility of open data, including the Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act yesterday and the Access to Congressionally Mandated Reports Act (H.R. 2485), in July.


Data Coalition Endorses Bill to Create Occupations for Data Management and Use

The Data Coalition Initiative endorses the bipartisan House bill that would establish a new occupations series for data science and data management.

National Secure Data Service Act Passes House in Bipartisan NSF Reauthorization Bill

The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan National Science Foundation for the Future Act (H.R. 2225)