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A Jungle of Entity Identifiers, and What We’re Going to Do About It

It's awfully hard to track what you can't identify. Every U.S. government agency has to uniquely identify the businesses, organizations, and other legal entities that must submit information to it. This task may sound straightforward, but it isn't. Across the federal government there are scores of different identification schemes. And they don't agree. The jungle of entity identifiers creates big problems--for citizens seeking accountability, for entities trying to comply, and for the government itself.


Will Senate Restrict Open Data in Financial Regulation? H.R. 5405 Would Raise Barrier to Modernization

The U.S. federal government is slowly transforming its information from disconnected documents into open data. Our Coalition scored its first major legislative victory earlier this year with the passage of the DATA Act, the nation’s first open data law. On May 9, 2014, after Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Mark Warner successfully marched the bill through a gridlocked Congress, President Obama signed it into law. The DATA Act is a mandate for the government to adopt comprehensive data standards for all of its spending information and to publish that information online.


Opening the Doors to our Open Data Agenda

As “the first-ever federal open data conference“, Data Transparency 2013 was bound to break new ground. For the first time, White House officials and Congressional leaders joined transparency oriented organizations and leaders in the tech industry–all focused on standardizing and publishing federal data. We made real progress: the Treasury Department endorsed the DATA Act and […]


Data Transparency 2013 Exhibitor Spotlight: GovTribe

As we gear up for Data Transparency 2013, we’re going to be featuring a series of blog posts highlighting new open data solutions and ideas from exhibitors and nonprofit supporters. As the federal government moves to publish and standardize more information, it’ll multiply business opportunities for tech entrepreneurs and innovators. In other words, open data […]


Guest post from Jim Harper: Transforming legislative text into open data – without waiting for Congress to do it

Jim Harper, director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute and a member of the Data Transparency Coalition’s Board of Advisors, here previews the future of legislative data transparency. Rather than wait for Congress to adopt a standardized data format to turn legislative text into open data, Cato’s Deepbills project is doing that work […]


How Transparency Campers Helped us Brainstorm a Legislative Agenda – and Why

Last month our Coalition and other transparency advocates cheeredthe release of President Obama’s Open Data Policy (and executive order). The Open Data Policy recognizes that government data is a public asset. Whenever possible, government data should be published, easy to find and use, machine readable and interoperable. And the President is calling on agencies to […]


TechAmerica’s Big Data Commission: where’s the leadership?

Last week the TechAmerica Foundation, the 501(c)(3) arm of TechAmerica, Washington’s largest tech industry trade foundation, released a report entitled Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government. TechAmerica is billing the report as “a comprehensive roadmap to using Big Data to better serve the American people.” The report defines the […]


Which party platform promises data transparency? Neither.

The presidential campaign is in full swing, and each major party has released its platform. The candidates get far more attention. But the platforms, hammered out laboriously by each party’s establishment and activists, are the most detailed previews of what the candidates and their parties would try to do if elected.Does either platform embrace data […]