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Senate Committee Finds Standardizing Trillions of Dollars of Government Spending Data is “Easier Said Than Done”

The Data Coalition is pleased to see the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, led by original DATA Act sponsors Chairman Rob Portman (OH-R) and Ranking Member Tom Carper (DE-D), issue their oversight report: “Federal Agency Compliance with the DATA Act.”


Open Data in the Age of Trump

FROM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR HUDSON HOLLISTER: "We call on the new Trump Administration and the 115th Congress to enforce (and expand) the DATA Act, embrace a government-wide transformation of all information resources through the OPEN Government Data Act, and initiate regulatory reforms that use open data to reduce burdens, governed by the Financial Transparency Act and other reforms. I am optimistic that we will realize all three goals."


Treasury Unveils DATA Act-Mandated Upgrade 18 Months Early

Eight years ago, as a result of the Federal Funding and Accountability Act, the United States launched a website that would forever change U.S. government transparency efforts. In 2007, commenced to provide information on federal contract and grant awards. For the first time, anyone could access a user friendly website and search for award information on federal contracts, purchase cards, grants, and loans. Last week, the Department of the Treasury unveiled an upgraded version at The phrase “Open Beta” in the new site’s URL reflects that this is a work in progress, not a finished product.


Here’s How SBA Teed Off on DATA Act Standards. (Join us for Breakfast on Tuesday to learn more!)

Working with the Treasury Department and GSA’s 18F tech team, the SBA developed a template to connect information from its existing spending systems—accounting details, budget plans, appropriations accounts, grant-writing, contract-writing—to the corresponding DATA Act standards. Treasury calls the template—which is now being offered to all agencies, open-source—a “data broker.”


Treasury and OMB Announce DATA Act Standards! Here’s What You Need to Know.

One year ago yesterday, President Obama signed the DATA Act into law. The Treasury Department and the White House met the law's first deadline on Friday, May 8 (a day early!), by announcing the data standards that will transform federal spending into open data. In this post, you'll find a full rundown of Friday's announcement; an unvarnished assessment of what's good, what's bad, and what's vague about it; and key next steps supporters can take.