Coalition Applauds House Passage of DATA Act


Coalition Applauds House Passage of DATA Act

On Wednesday, April 25, the House of Representatives unanimously passed the DATA Act under suspension of the rules. You’ll find speeches by the DATA Act’s sponsors – and video of the vote – on C-SPAN here.

In a statement, the Data Transparency Coalition applauded the bill’s passage and pointed to the benefits of federal data reform.

The DATA Act is a critical step toward getting America’s fiscal house in order … By transforming the way the government reports its spending, the DATA Act will bring more transparency and better accountability, while presenting new opportunities for tech start-ups to analyze federal data and help prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

Separately, our Board of Advisors sent a letter to the bill’s main sponsors, Reps. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD), declaring our willingness to lead the campaign for federal data reform:

We joined the Board of Advisors of the Data Transparency Coalition because we know that the DATA Act and future reforms like it will be hard to pass and harder to implement. Congress is slow to embrace technological innovation. Agencies’ business processes do not change easily. The technology industry must lead the campaign for federal data reform. The Data Transparency Coalition stands ready to promote the standardization of federal identifiers and markup languages to the public and Congress; advise the executive branch as it tries to uproot decades’ worth of paper forms; and create demonstration projects that show immediate uses of standardized data.