DATA Act is On The Way!


DATA Act is On The Way!

Majority Leader Cantor has announced that the House of Representatives will take up the DATA Act next week.

The current version of the bill has been posted for comment by the chief House sponsor, Rep. Darrell Issa. Rep. Issa is hoping you’ll view the bill, comment on its provisions, and make your voice heard.

Federal spending information is reported by the agencies to at least six different compilations, of which each is specialized and none comprehensive. By establishing consistent data identifers and markup languages, and by putting all the data on a single public platform, the DATA Act will enable – for the first time – comprehensive searches and analyses.

The DATA Act is only the start of the Data Transparency Coalition’s agenda; we are hoping to see similar standardization for program performance reports, regulatory filings, corporate disclosures, legislative actions, judicial documents, and more. But it’s a great start.