Data Transparency 2013 Exhibitor Spotlight: Way Better Patents


Data Transparency 2013 Exhibitor Spotlight: Way Better Patents

This guest post comes from Arleen Zank at Way Better Patents

Way Better Patents was founded on the idea that information about patents should be easy to find, easy to use and easy to understand. Our business is built around delivering patent data in accessible formats.

We’re supporting the efforts of open data advocates to facilitate access to standardized federal financial and management data. These policies can help taxpayers assess the return on investment in government-sponsored research and development. The same has been true for patent data. Thanks to open, standardized data on patents, citizens can better assess which programs are doing the most to support inventors and stimulate innovation.

Later this month, we will release our latest report analyzing trends in government sponsored R&D and patenting. We are working with leading science and technology economists to focus on areas such as university patent licensing, agency efficiency in getting new inventions to the marketplace, and the characteristics of patents that make the cut.

Open data was key in developing our Discovery and Analysis Report on the US Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) Green Technology Pilot Program. This program was designed to accelerate the development and deployment of new green jobs. Using open data from a range of sources, Way Better Patents produced a report that assessed which companies benefited, how new startup firms fared, and which technologies were supported by the program.

Way Better Patents is excited to support the Data Transparency Coalition. We share the same vision to standardize data formatting across government agencies and adopt policies that will make more data accessible online. We look forward to seeing leaders from the legislative and executive branches joining with open data advocates and representatives from the emerging innovation economy to seek common ground on a policy agenda at Data Transparency 2013.