Data Transparency Breakfast: Transforming Law and Regulation

The Data Transparency Coalition's Transforming Law and Regulation Breakfast, presented by Xcential, explored how innovative data technologies could make laws and regulations more accessible for citizens, more efficient for lawmakers, and more open to new entrepreneurial uses.

Tuesday, July 28, 7:30 am – 9:00 am

Booz Allen Hamilton, 901 15th Street NW, 10th Floor
 Washington, DC

The U.S. government has begun transforming the information it collects and generates from disconnected documents into open data – standardized, machine-readable, and automatically searchable. In 2014, the DATA Act mandated this transformation for spending information. In May 2015, twelve members of Congress introduced the Financial Transparency Act, which mandates open data formats for financial regulatory reporting.

Beyond spending and financial reporting, policymakers are poised to pursue similar changes in a new area: legislation and regulation. By adopting open data structures like the U.S. Legislative Model (USLM) for bills, amendments, and the U.S. Code, Congress will enable new tools: automatic redlines, electronic connections between appropriations and spending records, and easier research for advocates. Meanwhile, by expressing regulations as structured data, instead of documents, agencies can modernize their rulemaking.

The transformation of law and regulation can make law and regulation more accessible for citizens and media, less onerous for lawmakers and professionals, and open for entrepreneurs’ new data platforms – but only if the right policy changes are made. The breakfast was hosted by the Data Transparency Coalition and Xcential on Tuesday, July 28, at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Washington, DC, office. The breakfast explored the ways in which data technology can make legal and regulatory work more accountable, more efficient, and more automatic.

For a recap of the discussion check out our blog post.

Presenting Sponsor


                    Kirsten Gullickson         Senior Systems Analyst, U.S.House of Representatives


Shashank Khandelwal
Software developer, 18F 


7:30 am Breakfast Served
7:45 am Welcome                                                                               Hudson Hollister Executive Director, Data Transparency Coalition
7:55 am Panel Discussion                                                           Grant Vergottini (moderator) Co-Founder and CEO, XcentialKirsten Gullickson Senior System Analyst, Office of the Clerk of the HouseReynold Schweickhardt Director of Technology Policy, House Committee on AdministrationDave Zvenyach Former General Counsel, Council of the District of Columbia                                 
8:55 am  Closing Thoughts and Adjournment                                 Bryce Pippert Principal Booz Allen Hamilton


* Government issued photo ID is required for entry into the building.