Data Breakfast: Open Data For Oversight


The U.S. federal government is transforming its spending information into open data – fully standardized and searchable, for the first time – under the DATA Act of 2014. Congress passed the DATA Act to improve public transparency. But its impact on internal oversight will be just as big.

When spending information is expressed as open data, managers and inspectors general can use it to deploy powerful new analytical tools that reveal patterns, suss out fraud, and direct investigations. Even before the DATA Act’s government-wide standards go into mandatory effect in May 2017, inspectors general and other leaders across the government are deploying analytical tools against existing data sets, to resounding effect.

The Data Coalition’s Data Breakfast, presented by Esri, explored how standardized spending information is empowering federal oversight.


Vijay D’Souza

Director, Center for Enhanced Analytics, GAO

Jason Malmstrom

Assistant Inspector General, DOJ

Gordon Milbourn

Principal, MITRE Corporation

David Williams

Former Inspector General, U.S. Postal Service


  1776 Crystal City, 2231 Crystal Dr #1000


7:30 am Registration 
7:50 am Opening Remarks
8:00 am Open Data for Oversight Panel
8:50 am Closing remarks


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