Data Transparency 2015


The U.S. federal government is transforming its information into open data – standardized, searchable, and ready for anyone to use. Open data supports better accountability, enables data-driven decisions, and allows compliance tasks to be automated.

The transformation is driven by key policy changes. First, the DATA Act of 2014 and President Obama’s Open Data Policy are making open data a central part of government management. Second, the Financial Transparency Act, currently pending in Congress, and the IRS’ recent commitment to publishing nonprofit filings promise that the future of business and nonprofit reporting lies in standardized data, rather than disconnected documents. Third, open data formats are being adopted for the text and substance of laws and regulations, changing the essence of policymaking. Data Transparency 2015 offered a first glimpsed of what the government and business leaders who are pursuing in these policy areas.

Data Transparency 2015 was hosted by the Data Coalition, the world’s only open data trade association, representing market leaders in data publication, data analytics, and data reporting.


Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-48)

Member of Congress

Dr. Mark Doms

Undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs

R. Cromwell Coulson

President and CEO, OTC Markets Group, Inc.

Scott Bauguess

Deputy Director, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, SEC

Valerie Brecher Kovacevic

PMO, and FOIAOnline.go

Amy Bunk

Director of Legal Affairs and Policy, Office of the Federal Register

Jonathan Elliott

RDG Filings

Ann Ebberts

CEO, Association of Government Accountants

Chris Gates

President, Sunlight Foundation

Bob Goldman

Senior Director of Product, Graphiq

Tim Gribben

Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Small Business Administration

Jacob Harold

CEO, Guidestar

Danny Kermode

Policy Advisor, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Dave Lebryk

Fiscal Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Laura Manley

Director of Partnerships and Programs, Center for Open Data Enterprise

Dr. John McGinnis

Northwestern University School of Law

Mike Peckham

Director, DATA Act Program Management Office, Department of Health and Human Services

Jessica Seale

Digital Director, Sen. John Cornyn

Hal Shelton

Blu Venture Investors

Alex Wirth

CEO, Quorum

Corinna Zarek

Senior Advisor, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Dave Zvenyach


Stephen Dwyer

Digital Director, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer

Yuri Beckelman

Legislative Director, Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41)

Vicki McFadden

Deputy Chief Customer Officer, GSA

Seamus Kraft

OpenGov Foundation

Kyle Hughes

Global Head of Entity Data, Citi

Becca Steele

Digital Director, Sen. Ron Wyden

Sharanjit “Sunny” Singh

Office of the CFO, Treasury Department

Justin Duncan

Policy Associate, Data Transparency Coalition

Scott Cooley

Director of Policy Research, Morningstar

Joe Kull


David Chu

Co-Chair, Transitions in Governance 2016

Darrell Ashton

Office of the Chief Data Officer, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Mark Bolgiano

Data Society

Robert Shea

Chair, National Academy of Public Administration

John Truzzolino


Bradley Phillips

Arkansas Open Data Task Force

Emily Shaw

Deputy Policy Director, Sunlight Foundation

Bryce Pippert

Booz Allen Hamilton

Steve Ressler


Chris Zeleznik

Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Health and Human Services

Herschel Chandler


Sean Vitka

Senior Fellow, Demand Progress (moderator)

Rebecca Williams

Senior Open Government Analyst, OMB

Dave McCulloch

Communications Director, Transitions in Governance 2016

Chris Young

Director of U.S. Public Policy, International Swaps and Derivatives Association


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