Public Forum: Promising Practices for the Federal Government’s Data Strategy


The use of data is transforming modern society. The way the federal government collects, maintains, and uses data has important implications for growing the economy, improving government services, and ensuring the American public has access to reliable information. To realize the benefits of data analysis, the federal? government needs a coordinated and integrated approach for using data to deliver on mission, serve the public, and steward resources while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

In March 2018, the President’s Management Agenda outlined a goal to develop and implement a comprehensive governmentwide Federal Data Strategy. Envisioned as a long-term strategy, senior executive branch leaders have committed to issue a detailed plan with principles, practices, and discrete actions to deliver? ?a ?more consistent? ?approach to federal data stewardship, use,? ?and access. The strategy is being built with insights and expertise from the full spectrum of government and non-government stakeholders.

On November 8, the Data Coalition, Bipartisan Policy Center, and White House Office of Management and Budget jointly hosted a public forum on the Federal Data Strategy. The forum provided an opportunity for the public, including businesses and other stakeholders, to offer feedback on a draft set of practices that will serve as the basis for new expectations agencies will have for data governance, management, protection, use, and partnerships. During the forum, speakers were invited to provide feedback on the draft practices recently published in the Federal Register and to provide suggestions for specific actions agencies can take to implement the practices.

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