RegTech 2021 Series: Driving the ESG Ecosystem with Auditable, Standardized, and Machine-Readable Data


The need for accurate, timely, consistent, accessible, ESG data and the supporting data management practices are two sides of the same coin, yet they prove to be a significant challenge to all in the ESG ecosystem. During this virtual event on November 18 the Data Coalition and DFIN explored recommendations to improve the ESG data ecosystem among financial institutions and regulators with a preliminary look at the Data Coalition ESG Working Group’s report, an overview of emerging practices in the financial industry, and key decisions made during COP26 that could influence ESG reporting in the United States.  

The increased focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance for financial services, and many emerging verticals, around the world has been met by mixed understandings and perspectives about what ESG is, what it means, and how it can apply to improve services and investment quality. During this 1-hour virtual event, participants heard about the basics of the ESG Ecosystem including its current state, emerging best practices, and target state.



William Beloe

Principal Industry Specialist, Global Financial Institutions Group, International Finance Corporation

Madhu Mathew

Director of Technology, SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)

John Truzzolino

Director of Corporate Governance Services, DFIN




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