The Talent Pipeline for Data Science in Government: Strengthening the Workforce for AI, Data Analytics, and Data Governance


Government needs talented data scientists, programmers, and analysts to successfully and ethically implement and employ modern data applications. The talent pipeline for federal data scientists is fragmented and a perennial issue for federal data managers seeking to hire and keep skilled employees. Seemingly small, but significant steps like creating a job series to reflect data professionals or providing professional development to larger challenges like retaining talent, stunt efforts and, ultimately, solutions. During this Data Coalition virtual event, co-hosted with DLT Solutions and in partnership with Pluralsight, participants heard from federal leaders, academics, and specialists who worked to creatively develop a replicable talent pipeline.




Sharon Boivin

Deputy Chief Data Officer for Analytics, Office of the Chief Data Officer, Department of Education

Philip Bourne

Stephenson Dean, School of Data Science, University of Virginia

Douglas Harrison

Vice President and Dean, School of Cybersecurity and Information Technology, University of Maryland Global Campus

Jordan Morrow

Head of Data, Design and Management Skills, Pluralsight




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