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The Data Coalition and Data Foundation are dedicated to ensuring government data are high-quality, accessible, and useable. Our efforts align with the mission of the Federal Data Strategy as we seek to connect federal data leaders with resources, whether in learning more, providing a forum for feedback, or presenting available solutions, like what are available on this Federal Data Strategy Resource Page.  

Engaging with the federal government data leaders, Data Coalition members and Data Foundation supporters provide solutions and tools that are helping to build a strong data infrastructure across government. Below is a reference guide for Data Coalition members’ and Data Foundation supporters’ on-going projects. To inquire further, directly write to the contacts listed below. 

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DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI, delivering trusted AI technology and enablement services to global enterprises and the U.S. Federal Government. Because AI has the power to tackle the government’s toughest missions, DataRobot is helping agencies unlock this power, at scale and responsibly.

Contact: Steven Moore Vice President, Global Government Affairs public-sector@datarobot.com

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

Further Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) adoption by U.S. federal agencies could streamline entity identification and produce benefits within and beyond financial markets. Currently, the U.S. Federal government uses fifty distinct entity identification systems —all of which are separate and incompatible with one another. Entity identification, therefore, continues to represent a significant challenge for many federal agencies’ missions.

Contact: Peter Warms, Business Development Manager, GLEIF Americas peter.warms@gleif.org

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Public Sector developed a simple and cheap Federal Data Strategy Accelerator tool. The tool allows agency personnel to assess their current and desired data maturity on a four-level scale for each of the 40 Federal Data Strategy practice areas. With the simple click of a button, create a tailored data management roadmap for achieving each agency’s data maturity vision.

Contact: Jeff Lawton, Managing Director, Enterprise Information Management jeff.lawton@us.gt.com


IBM engages with the federal government on various streams of data needs. Our projects and solutions include the IBM Intelligent Automation Platform, a modular and scalable approach to apply Artificial Intelligence and RPA; a custom, first-of-a-kind AI solution for the US Department of Defense (DoD) that ingests structured, semi-structured, and unstructured DoD datasets, and incorporates cognitive-predictive modeling to enhance the quality of decision-making processes; and our Human Capital Information Model (HCIM) that we built and maintain for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which underpins GSA’s NewPay initiative, a Presidential Management Agenda priority project; standardizes data and its use for Federal shared service providers (SSPs) and the Federal Human Capital Community; and ensures consistent payroll, work schedule, and leave management for 2.1 million Federal employees.


Claude Yusti, AI Practice Leader, Cayusti@us.ibm.com
AJ Mody, Strategy Consultant (DoD), ajmody@us.ibm.com
Brian Gillikin, Senior Analytics Consultant (GSA), brian.gillikin@ibm.com


Informatica is providing data discovery/inventory, cataloging, governance and other software-based data management capabilities to several federal agencies meeting the Federal Data Strategy and Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making Act mandates. Additionally, Informatica is a key Master Data Management Program partner for several agencies including the US Postal Service, the US Air Force and seven different State-level governments.


Michael Anderson, Chief Strategist for Public Sector mianderson@informatica.com

Rachael Hendrickson, Senior Manager, Public Sector Marketing hendrickson@informatica.com

Summit LLC

Summit is supporting HUD’s Office of Housing with data modernization across several legacy data systems. We are developing data dictionaries and data flow diagrams for post-default systems and evaluating data quality to identify redundant and conflicting data fields. The goal is to reduce inefficiencies in data collection, storage, and transfer as a part of new claims and disposition modules.

Contact: Kate Machado Director, Client Development kate.machado@summitllc.us


Tableau is dedicated to helping the government organizations become data-driven in the Guide to Implement Federal Data Strategy using Tableau Blueprint.

Contact: Ian Yee Manager, Sales Strategy, Public Sector and United Nations iyee@tableau.com