GovDATAx Conference Brings Together Data Experts on the Country’s Urgent Data Needs


GovDATAx Conference Brings Together Data Experts on the Country’s Urgent Data Needs

As America’s premier voice on data policy – with the expertise of over 50 data and technology companies — the Data Coalition thrives in tackling the difficult challenges facing our country by using information, producing open data, and planning for new innovations and responsible applications. 

GovDATAx 2020 is an opportunity for the data community – those inside and outside government — to reflect, learn, and engage about the future of U.S. data and information policy.  When we launched GovDATAx last year — we were inspired by the need to unite the data, tech, privacy, and so many more communities in a common discussion about data policy.

And this year, The Data Coalition is pleased to partner with Government Matters, with sponsorship from ThoughtSpot, Snowflake, and Informatica, to bring you the discussions over the two days of virtual programming, September 29-20. GovDATAx speakers will emphasize the need to continue and expand the foundational work initiated across government agencies in recent years like the enactment of the Foundations of Evidence-based Policymaking Act and Federal Data Strategy.

During the GovDATAx programming you’ll hear from Representatives Will Hurd and Scott Peters, former and current Chief Data Officers, career civil servants, and industry experts who all share a common perspective:

  • We need good data to make good decisions. 
  • That’s a complicated endeavor. 
  • Our government plays a central role in using its data resources to lead in providing open data, supporting transparency, and promoting ethical and responsible use.

This program will focus on top priorities for the country: the use of data in public health response on Day 1 (September 29) and equitable economic recovery on Day 2 (September 30).  

Day 1

The global pandemic of COVID-19 poses an unprecedented challenge to the health and well-being of every state and territory across the country. Bioinformaticians, clinicians and public health experts have tapped volumes of digital data to inform medical decisions and track the U.S. return to health. This 60-minute program will tap the expertise of leaders from major organizations that are tracking the health and safety of Americans using knowledge gleaned from data, including:

  • Representative Scott Peters (D-CA)
  • Jose Arrieta, Former Chief Data Officer, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Representative Will Hurd (R-TX)

Day 2

Data shows that the economy of the U.S. has suffered in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and with the help of data, the country will emerge as workplace digitization and online consumption lead the pathway to the new normal. This hour-long program will tap the expertise of leaders from major organizations that are harvesting knowledge from data to lead America to economic health and prosperity. Speakers include:

  • Robert Westbrooks, Executive Director, Pandemic Response Accountability Committee
  • Ted Kaouk, Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Erica Groshen, Former Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics

We hope you enjoy the program and learn about the exciting work happening in government today, and the opportunities ahead for ensuring data can be truly used to improve our society.

The specials will air on WJLA 24/7 News on September 29 and 30 at 1 p.m. ET. They will also be simultaneously streamed nationwide as a free webinar on