Internship: We need an open data trailblazer this summer in Washington!


Internship: We need an open data trailblazer this summer in Washington!


Want to see more open data? So do we!

Fresh off our first major legislative victory with the passage of the DATA Act, the Data Transparency Coalition is now expanding its efforts. In addition to ensuring a successful implementation of America’s first open data law, our growing Coalition will redouble its advocacy for open data across all areas of government activity. In addition to spending data, we want to increase our support for open data in the legislative domain, the financial regulatory arena, and much more.

If you’re willing to lend us a hand this summer, you’ll get more than $10 an hour — you’ll have an opportunity to engage leading innovators, advocates, and policymakers who are making data transparency a reality. On Tuesdays, you’ll work out of our Capitol Hill office. On other days, we’ll coordinate a schedule for you to work remotely or in the office. The internship runs from June 1 through August 15, but we can be flexible about starting and ending dates. You will help support all areas of our work — from policy development to communications and event planning.

The Data Transparency Coalition, founded in 2012, is a tech-industry trade association that wants to transform the federal government’s current system of disconnected documents into standardized, open data. Open data serves as a public resource that promotes accountability and nurtures innovation. When information is presented in an open, standardized format, it can be scrutinized by anyone — from businesses to citizens, journalists and watchdogs. Data standards also reduce compliance costs by allowing reporting tasks to be automated. By providing analysts with reliable Big Data, open data policies enable analysts to transform the practice of public sector management using the latest technology.

Our coalition invites you to join us in this endeavor! If you are interested in applying for our summer internship, please send your resume and a short cover letter explaining why you want to work for the Coalition to