Data Transparency In Action

The technology companies joining the Data Transparency Coalition are eager to design software packages and platforms that republish, analyze, and automate federal data in new, powerful ways.

Automating grant and contract reporting using DATA Act standards


Under the DATA Act, federal agencies will begin collecting grant and contract reports as standardized data instead of documents. Parrascope, developed by Level One Technologies, will help grantees and contractors comply with existing reporting requirements more cheaply than they can today.

End-to-end Grant Management Visibility


StreamLink Software’s grant management technology, AmpliFund Public Sector, helps manage every stage of the grant lifecycle, from pre-award research and planning to post-award performance and reporting. The end-to-end system visibility provided helps users more efficiently meet reporting compliance requirements, generate revenue, and increace capacity.

Drawing on sophisticated tracking capabilities, AmpliFund Public Sector enables government entities to see exactly how funds enter and leave their state, county, or municipality. This includes robust sub-recipient management features, allowing for easy monitoring, reporting, and auditing of complex grants.

StreamLink Software was one of three vendors that worked with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB) on the Grants Reporting Information Project (GRIP), a proof-of-concept study that tested the feasibility of data standardization and automated grant & sub-recipient reporting across government agencies. The DATA Act will expand the GRIP to a full-fledged pilot project aimed at eventually consolidating all federal grant, contract, and sub-award reporting.

Using AmpliFund, awardees were able to submit multiple grant reports via one XML file transfer, which pulled directly from their existing management systems. The pilot proved that compliance automation and improved performance fiscal tracking are real possibilities for government grant reporting–with the passage and full implementation of the DATA Act.