Past Events

Jun 22

The 2022 Virtual Research Symposium, in partnership with George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School for Public Policy and Public Administration, will spotlight strategies that increase the use of data and evidence for decision-making and a better-informed society.

May 19

On Thursday, May 19, the Data Coalition will host a live panel discussion, sponsored by DLT Solutions and in partnership with OneStream Software, with agency executives from the Department of Defense and Department of Interior who are accelerating efforts to modernize how budget data are transformed into financial data assets transforming mission operations.

May 5

On May 5, 2022, the Data Foundation, with support from the Open Data Standards Task Force and the Data Coalition Initiative, jointly hosted a public forum to facilitate a private-public exchange to help provide insights on federal financial regulatory data, where members of the public will share feedback and solutions for the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) agencies.

Apr 28

On April 28 from 2-3pm EST, the Data Coalition will host a webinar, sponsored by DLT Solutions and in partnership with BMC Software, that will bring together AI and data leaders from across Department of Energy who are working to push the frontiers of how data are managed and leveraged for scientific advancements.

Mar 16

The Data Coalition hosted a full-day of programming with in-person speakers, networking opportunities, exhibit hall, and cocktail hour. Registrants joined us in-person and virtually on Wednesday, March 16, in Washington, D.C.

Jan 25

New laws and expectations for organizing and using data are leading to sweeping reforms across government agencies, with major implications for future data uses in homeland security, defense, and national security. With changes from the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act) and the recently published Federal Data Strategy (FDS) 2021 Action Plan, […]

Dec 7

Innovative solutions in regulatory technology, or regtech, help improve compliance efficiencies and reduce burdens for industry and government as solutions and tools are applied to work with ever-growing mountains of data. RegTech solutions and tools have transformed processes like tracking amendments through the legislative process, filing corporate and derivative reports with regulators, and identifying legal […]

Nov 18

During this 1-hour virtual event, participant heard about the basics of the ESG Ecosystem including its current state, emerging best practices, and target state.

Nov 9

On November 9, 2021, the Data Coalition and data experts hosted virtual public forum to discuss the mission, focus areas, and vision of the federal CDO community.

Nov 3

The Data Coalition, DLT Solutions, and IBM hosted a panel that dived into “How Digitized Document Data Transforms Mission Operation.”

Oct 21

During this virtual event, participants heard about the basics of the ESG Ecosystem including its current state, emerging best practices, and target state.  

Sep 30

The GovDATAx Datum Awards recognized government data champions who are working on meaningful initiatives that unleash data for the public good. Attendees joined us for a virtual happy hour ceremony to announce and honor the 2021 Datum Award Receipts on Thursday, September 30 at 4:00 p.m. ET. The awards were sponsored by and Grant […]

Sep 14

Join the Data Foundation on September 14, for a discussion about this new legal expectation and what it means for the budget, evidence, and data communities.

Jul 15

During this virtual event, participants heard from federal leaders, academics, and specialists who worked to creatively develop a replicable talent pipeline in the federal government.

Jun 17

The webinar hosted on June 17 provided an overview of the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) Grants Management Standards and a discussion on the connection between the GREAT Act and building Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants.

May 6

During the showcase, members of the Data Coalition demonstrated how the proper use of AI addressed a scope of needs help the federal government better serve the public, and discuss opportunities where ethical, explainable AI could make government performance more efficient and effective.

Apr 29

The 1-hour virtual discussion featured short dialogues with senior-level government officials about use of AI in regulatory technologies, the relationship to data governance, and the application of ethical standards.

Mar 30

The Data Coalition, DLT Solutions, and OneStream Software hosted a virtual event that focused on how information from the DATA Act has been used in federal agencies with success to optimize spending decisions.

Mar 18

This webinar featured an overview of recent laws shifting the legal framework in the US for government agencies.

Feb 25

During the showcase, members of the Data Coalition demonstrated why data matters to effective and efficient decision making in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan 14

Join the Data Foundation for a discussion on the law’s two-year anniversary, January 14, 2021, for a discussion about the real challenges the evidence community faces in implementing this important law and the opportunities for the year ahead. 

Dec 16

Join us for a lively discussion of the data priorities in the year ahead.

Dec 9

Speakers discussed best practices in keeping leaders, government teams, and constituents informed, current needs for transparency, and what new methods can be used to ensure high quality data in financial reporting.

Dec 3

Join the Data Coalition, DLT, and DataStax for a conversation to address these questions and practical steps public sector organizations can take over the next year. 

Nov 10

During this one-hour webinar, speakers will discuss how the government can plan for continuity amidst the challenges facing their data management. This webinar is part of a new podcast and webinar series, DataShare, presented by the Data Coalition and Workiva.

Nov 2

The Data Coalition and the Data Foundation jointly are co-sponsoring a virtual public forum to discuss next steps and priority actions for the Federal Data Strategy in 2021. The forum will provide an opportunity for the data community to offer feedback on progress about the current data strategy implementation and priorities for the next year.

Oct 22

This one-hour virtual event will delve into the nuances of protecting the public’s trust to enable data analysis activities. Speakers will identify gaps and opportunities that exist in 2020 that can allude to strategies for 2021 and beyond. 

Oct 15

The GovDATAx Datum Awards recognized government champions whose work on meaningful initiatives is helping to unleash data for the public good. We gathered on Thursday, October 15  for a virtual happy hour ceremony to announce and honor the 2020 Datum Award Receipts. A nominee must be currently working in government to promote and advance the […]

Sep 29

GovDATAx 2020 is the leading event for the data community to engage in dialogue and planning for future U.S. data policies.

Aug 20

The federal government controls vast troves of data, including information collected as part of routine administrative operations.Join us on August 20 for a webinar discussion on this topic.

Aug 12

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (including the OPEN Government Data Act) created new data governance dynamics within agencies by requiring agencies to designate the Statistical Officials, the Evaluation Officers, and the Chief Data Officers. These three officials are responsible for the best practices that support the maturity of an agency’s use of data. The […]

Jul 21

Join us and the EDM Council for a live webinar with Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) on the Financial Transparency Act.

Jul 8

On July 8 we hosted a live webinar with Denodo that provided insights into cutting edge approaches and applications for enabling data sharing while protecting privacy by applying multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, and synthetic data.

Apr 20

From April 20-22, 2020, the Data Coalition hosted a virtual RegTech Data Week where the discussion focused on meaningful solutions that make financial data higher-quality, more accessible, and more usable.

Apr 8

Join the Data Coalition and the EDM Council for a webinar discussing the Financial Transparency Act, its potential benefits, and what the likely implications for this legislation would be if enacted.

Mar 16

On March 16, the Data Coalition will host a webinar with leading public data innovators where they’ll explain how they are using open data to promote government transparency and accountability and solve important issues facing the public.

Feb 24

On February 24, BPC will launch the second report a series which outlines potential options for consideration by policymakers in implementing a strategy that strengthens EPA’s existing culture for science, evidence, and data.

Feb 12

National Leadership Training (NLT) is the essential event for developing and training government financial professionals to excel as leaders in today’s competitive market.

Jan 29

On January 29, the Data Coalition hosted a webinar on the newly enacted GREAT Act and how it will modernize federal grant reporting.

Jan 7

On January 7, the Data Coalition hosted an informational conference call discussing the Federal Data Strategy’s Year 1 Action Plan.

Nov 21

The University of Chicago Launched New “Center for Impact Sciences” (invite-only).

Oct 30

On October 30, 2019, the Data Coalition hosted hundreds of leaders from across the public sector, businesses, non-profits, and academia at GovDATAx to discuss the next steps for developing policies that unleash data for good.

Jul 8

This Data Coalition and White House Office of Management and Budget joint forum provided an opportunity for the business, academic, and non-profit communities to offer feedback on the 16 draft action items in the Federal Data Strategy.

Apr 23

The 2019 RegTech Data Summit connected agency leaders, Congress, regulated industries, and tech companies to define what the future holds for RegTech.

Feb 7

On February 7, 2019, the Center for Data Innovation, BSA | The Software Alliance, the Internet Association, SPARC, the Bipartisan Policy Center, the American Library Association and the Data Coalition hosted a panel discussion about the future of open data in the United States, including how to address challenges related to implementing the OPEN Government […]

Nov 8

The use of data is transforming modern society. The way the federal government collects, maintains, and uses data has important implications for growing the economy, improving government services, and ensuring the American public has access to reliable information. To realize the benefits of data analysis, the federal? government needs a coordinated and integrated approach for […]

Oct 10

On October 10, the Data Foundation and open data leaders from around the globe explored how data is being standardized, shared and used to create a better future for our society. For a full recap of the event, go to the Data Foundation website.

Sep 12

Across all U.S. financial regimes, regulators are replacing document-based filings with standardized data. The global Legal Entity Identifier is being adopted across multiple reporting requirements, agencies like the SEC and CFTC have adopted structured data standards for the most-used corporate and derivatives reports, and the proposed Financial Transparency Act will mandate a comprehensive open data […]

Jun 6

Our government collects and publishes crucial data—spending, regulatory, and legal information—locked in static documents rather than open, standardized, machine-readable data. But change is coming. Federal agencies have begun to use data to efficiently solve the challenges facing our government, ranging from duplication, fraud, and waste to policy questions. The Data Coalition empowers data companies to […]

May 24

The DATA Act directed every federal agency to begin reporting spending information as standardized, open data. May 2018 marks the fourth anniversary of the DATA Act’s enactment–and the completion of the first full year of reporting. With a year’s worth of data, new management tools are now available to agencies and Congress. The government is taking full […]

Mar 7

Regulatory technology solutions – “RegTech” – can enable automation, reduce fraud, cut compliance costs, and provide analytics, but only if government and industry work together to organize regulatory data. Our first-ever RegTech Data Summit connected agency leaders, Congress, regulated industries, and tech companies to define this future. The U.S. regulatory compliance structure is fragmented by […]

Oct 19

On October 19, 2017, the Data Coalition and Grant Thornton host the third annual California Data Demo Day, which brought together state agency officials and legislators to explore the benefits of open data, inside and outside government.

Sep 28

On June 28th, Data Coalition members gathered on Capitol Hill for a DATA Act Demo Day, showing Members of Congress how standardized spending data can deliver transparency, better management, and automated compliance. This event set the stage for the next days DATA Act Summit. The DATA Act Demo Day was presented by

Sep 26
External Event

Data Transparency 2017

Data Transparency 2017 is Washington’s largest open data event, hosted by our sister organization, the Data Foundation.

Jun 29

On June 29th, government and industry leaders convened at the Mayflower Hotel for the all-day Summit to take stock of the transformation of government spending information from documents to data.

May 10

On May 10th, 2017 the Data Coalition and Grant Thornton hosted the Texas Data Demo Day, in partnership with Open Austin.

Apr 27

On April 27, 2017, the Data Coalition and Booz Allen Hamilton co-hosted a breakfast panel discussion that gave attendees a front-row seat on the firstfruits of the DATA Act. DATA Act enthusiasts gathered at the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center.

Mar 16

The momentum for U.S. financial regulators to adopt transparent, standardized data across their reporting regimes is well underway. Reliance on disconnected documents means investors, industry and the regulators themselves lose out. The Data Coalition is waging a successful advocacy campaign to convince Congress and agencies that it is time to modernize! Beyond standardizing data collections […]

Sep 28

Data Transparency 2016 (DT2016) will bring together government leaders, transparency advocates, and the technology industry to transform government information from disconnected documents into open data. DT2016 will feature three tracks: Open Data in Spending, Open Data in Regulation, and the first-ever federal White House Open Data Innovation Summit. Data Transparency 2016 is hosted by our […]

May 26

In May 2014, President Obama signed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), America’s first open data law. The DATA Act requires the entire federal government to modernize its spending information from disconnected documents into standardized, open data. By replacing document-based reports with data-centric feeds, the DATA Act can deliver better transparency for citizens, […]

May 25

On May 25th, 2016, Data Coalition members gathered on Capitol Hill for a DATA Act Demo Day, showing how standardized spending data can deliver transparency, better management, and automated compliance.

May 11

Congress is poised to transform its legislative information from outdated documents into open, searchable data. If the House and Senate adopted a consistent data format for all bills, amendments, passed laws, and legal compilations, then new software could bring better transparency and more efficient lawmaking. The bipartisan Statutes at Large Modernization Act, introduced by Reps. Brat […]

Apr 26

The U.S. federal government is transforming its spending information into open data – fully standardized and searchable, for the first time – under the DATA Act of 2014. Congress passed the DATA Act to improve public transparency. But its impact on internal oversight will be just as big. When spending information is expressed as open data, managers […]

Apr 14

Open data—data that is made freely available to use without restrictions—serves as a platform for innovation in the public and private sectors that supports $1.1 trillion in annual economic value, helps solve some of the country’s most pressing social challenges, and introduces unprecedented levels of transparency to government operations. Congress has already taken some steps […]

Mar 29

The Coalition’s Second Annual Financial Data Summit: Data Standards Mean Business! brought together data standards advocates and leaders from across the financial regulatory community to discuss the many benefits of moving from documents to data.

Mar 1

The California Data Demo Day, hosted by the Data Coalition in Sacramento, was an opportunity to explore all three benefits of open data: better accountability for citizens, data-driven management for public-sector leaders, and opportunities for private-sector growth.

Sep 23

Data Transparency 2015 (#DT2015) was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at the JW Marriott, Washington, DC. This was the third annual gathering of the most influential U.S. open data leaders.