Patrick McCollum

Patrick McCollum is the Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of DeepBD Inc, a cognitive computing and data analytics company that launched in 2015. DeepBD’s proprietary technology platform encompasses several AI subsystems to include: Natural Language Processing, Associative Graph Databases, Semantic Reasoners, Neural Machine Translation, and Machine Learning. DeepBD Inc, is a subsidiary of Advanced Tactical Support Group (ATSG Corporation). ATSG was founded in 2004 has grown into an international mission support company for the US Government with employees around the globe. Patrick proudly served in the 3rd Special Forces Group as a communications specialist and Combat Diver with multiple combat tours in Afghanistan. Prior to the Army, he spent ten years as a technical consultant designing large-scale data aggregation systems for telecommunications and utility companies. He is a highly skilled entrepreneur and accomplished leader with decades of experience in management, advanced technology, and strategical planning. Throughout Patrick’s experience in commercial and federal contracting, he has developed business and technical expertise in government acquisition data and systems. Patrick is passionate about government acquisition reform and data standardization as a National Security issue that needs innovative, modern tools to implement regulations efficiently.