Innovation & Emerging Tech

Innovations and emerging technologies are becoming more ubiquitous, and federal lawmakers are beginning to consider how to deploy technologies to effectively leverage the government’s data assets. In concert with a data-oriented government workforce, emerging technological applications like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and multi-party computation can increase workforce efficiency and reduce administrative burden. While emerging tech like AI is already in use across the commercial, healthcare, and defense industries, it has not yet been widely applied in the U.S. federal government. Congress is taking steps towards encouraging more government adoption of AI solutions. Executive Branch agencies are considering how to apply AI and other emerging technologies to achieve their missions, but there are still foundational policy issues that must be addressed to ensure the platform for applying innovative technologies exists within government. 

The Data Coalition supports policies that encourage responsible, ethical deployment of innovative and emerging technologies that foster rigorous data analysis for improved decision-making, while facilitating equitable data use and appropriate privacy protections.

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