Legislative Agenda

As America’s premier voice on data policy, the Data Coalition promotes policies that enable government data to be high-quality, accessible, and usable. The Data Coalition’s legislative agenda includes legislation that addresses the policy priorities for data sharing, evidence-based decision-making, government spending, innovation and emerging technology, market and regulatory technology data, and open data.

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Financial Transparency Act

The Financial Transparency Act adopts recommendations from the U.S. Treasury Department to reduce regulatory overlap and duplication for financial institutions, improving data sharing, and applying uniform data standards for regulatory data.

AI In Government Act

The AI in Government Act promotes responsible, transparent use of emerging technologies and AI in society, while facilitating equitable uses and appropriate privacy protections.

Taxpayers Right to Know Act

The Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act applies existing financial data standards to developing a program inventory to further enable transparency on government spending and operations.

CJ Budget Justification Transparency Act

The Congressional Budget Justification Transparency Act improves public access to agency documents that describe plans for government spending and priorities, including a repository for the documents and expected publication dates.

Electronic Court Records Reform Act

The Electronic Court Records Reform Act (ECRRA) modernizes the judicial records system while enabling open access to critical information in the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system.

Paperwork Reduction Act Reauthorization

The Paperwork Reduction Act provides sweeping authorities for managing government data collection and quality, as well as prescribing policies for governing relevant activities. The Data Coalition supports modifications to the Paperwork Reduction Act that improve efficiency of operations, transparency of decision-making processes, and effectiveness of data governance.

Chief Financial Officer Act Reauthorization

For the 30th anniversary of the CFO Act, the Data Coalition supports targeted enhancements that prioritize and improve implementation of the DATA Act, GREAT Act, and other relevant data transparency laws.

Fiscal Year 2021 Appropriations

Agencies need adequate resources to implement data governance and management activities. The Data Coalition supports appropriations that enable Chief Data Officers, Evaluation Officers, and Statistical Officials across government agencies to implement responsible data policy. The Data Coalition also supports funding for key organization attributes and activities that affect data access, government, quality, management, and use, including application of emerging privacy-preserving technologies.