Coalition of Things Bridges Gap Between Big Data and All of the Things

Coalition of Things Bridges Gap Between Big Data and All of the Things

WASHINGTON, D.C.The Coalition of Things launched today with the mission to bridge the space between Big Data and All of the Things. Established to collaborate around the Internet of Things, the Coalition of Things advocates innovation, instead of legacy stovepipes. The Coalition, or CoT, is primed to transform All of the Things by convening innovative thought leaders and catalzying vision through groundbreaking events.

“The Internet of Things is in its very nascent stages but presents us with literally limitless possibilities if we have the vision and environment to achieve them,” said Executive Director Gabriel Meyers-Kimura. “Policymakers must take some very specific steps, including task forces, best practices, public-private partnerships, collaboration, and innovation. The Coalition of Things has the rare expertise that is needed to advise Washington policymakers about all of the things related to the Internet of Things. Thanks to the generous support of our members, we look forward to sitting on task forces about the things, holding meetings about best practices for things, partnering in public-private partnerships about things, collaborating impactfully around the things, and most of all, innovating.”

In the past, the Internet of Things has merely been a collection of things. But the CoT wants to throw out the playbook to foster impactful synergy. “What is the Internet? We want to re-imagine it and in so doing, create a tectonic shift in the paradigm in which the Internet of Things operates,” commented Policy Director Bradford James III. “What we want to do is make a literal whiteboard of All the Things. We believe that this will lead to quantum leaps in the way All the Things Happen.”

The CoT looks forward to celebrating their launch with a networking happy hour. “I can’t think of a better way to mark the start of this dynamic collaboration than through conversation and relationship-building in the public-private sphere!!!” exclaimed Mr. Meyers-Kimura. “Stay tuned for exciting innovation through the Coalition of Things.”

About the Coalition of Things

The Coalition of Things has been established to collaborate around the Internet of Things. In Washington, we advocate innovation, instead of legacy stovepipes. For the technology industry, our groundbreaking events bring together chief innovation officers for the most transformative receptions. For more information, visit