Fourth Anniversary of DATA Act Delivers First Full Year of Data Reporting

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Fourth Anniversary of DATA Act Delivers First Full Year of Data Reporting

Washington, D.C. Today marks the DATA Act’s fourth anniversary and the first full year of agency reporting. By May 9, 2018, the Treasury Department  will have collected one full year of federal financial information from all CFO Act agencies, in accordance with the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (P.L. 113-101). A full year of reported financial information gives the public and federal government stakeholders a substantial dataset to identify trends within specific agencies and across the entire government.

“Drawing on a year’s worth of data, new management tools are now available to agencies and Congress that will allow them to draw greater insights, lay the groundwork for better internal management, and improve oversight,” said Hudson Hollister, Executive Director of the Data Coalition. “Last month, the Treasury Department formally launched its redesign of, the government-wide spending data portal, and the Data Lab, which highlights new tools to better understand federal spending. Our Coalition encourages Congress to begin using the data set for appropriations, oversight, and insights into their districts and states.”

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