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In Case You Missed It: Top 5 Takeaways from DT2015

Thanks to Herschel Chandler of Information Unlimited, Inc. for co-authoring this post. Open data experts from across the country convened in Washington, DC last week for Data Transparency 2015. The program, featuring more than 50 speakers, focused on the need for standardization and publication of government data. If Pope Francis-induced traffic kept you from trekking downtown for DT2015, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with the top 5 takeaways. DT2015 covered all three of the areas where key policy changes are transforming government data in the United States. Whether you cared about government management and the DATA Act, market data and the Financial Transparency Act, or transforming Congressional information from documents into open data – there was something at DT2015 for you.   1. The SBA does the DATA Act! And confirms data standardization isn’t that hard. Small Business Administration Deputy Chief Financial Officer Tim Gribben (pictured, center) led attendees through the SBA’s process for applying the DATA Act’s new government-wide data standards to its spending information – and using the newly-standardized data to generate insights into its own spending. With help from Treasury, the SBA is working on a new project to keep track of where the agency is making grant awards, what program each grants is part of, and how much each grant recipient has used over time. That analysis brings together different categories of the SBA’s spending information – categories that used to be incompatible before the DATA Act standards brought them together. Even though the SBA’s financial systems aren’t as complex as many agencies’, the project is a great testbed for developing and refining a DATA Act process... read more

Data Transparency 2015 Connects Current Change and Future Vision for Open Data

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 500 registrants participated today in Data Transparency 2015, Washington’s largest-ever open data policy conference, hosted by the Data Transparency Coalition. Live demonstrations showed how reforms like last year’s Digital Accountability and Transparency act (DATA Act) are bringing about democratic accountability for citizens, data-driven management within government, and automated compliance for businesses.

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