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Federal Government Proposes First Step Away from DUNS Number

To track its spending on contractors and grantees, the U.S. federal government uses a code that is proprietary – which means this public information can’t be shared without paying a private contractor. But yesterday, the government took a first step away from that inefficient and anti-competitive arrangement.

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New Proposal: Transform U.S. Statutes at Large into Open Data

The open data transformation hasn’t made its way to the Statutes at Large yet. But yesterday, Reps. Dave Brat (R-VA) and Seth Moulton (D-MA) proposed a bill to change that. The Statutes at Large Modernization Act (H.R. 4006) directs the National Archives and Records Administration to publish an official open-data version of the Statutes at Large. The Data Transparency Coalition endorsed the Statutes at Large Modernization Act because it takes a giant step toward our ultimate goal: all U.S. legislative and regulatory materials should be open data, instead of documents.

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Treasury Unveils DATA Act-Mandated USASpending.gov Upgrade 18 Months Early

Eight years ago, as a result of the Federal Funding and Accountability Act, the United States launched a website that would forever change U.S. government transparency efforts. In 2007, USASpending.gov commenced to provide information on federal contract and grant awards. For the first time, anyone could access a user friendly website and search for award information on federal contracts, purchase cards, grants, and loans. Last week, the Department of the Treasury unveiled an upgraded version at OpenBeta.USASpending.gov. The phrase “Open Beta” in the new site’s URL reflects that this is a work in progress, not a finished product.

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Fixing the SEC’s Disclosure System

The SEC has invited government, industry, and the public to submit comments on how the agency can improve the effectiveness of its corporate disclosure system. Our Coalition submitted a sixteen-page formal comment letter on October 29, 2015. Our prescription to fix the SEC’s disclosure system can be summarized in two words: structured data.

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