The Data Coalition is the world’s only trade association dedicated to the transformation of government information into standardized, open data. This improves democratic accountability, enables better public-sector management, and allows compliance processes to be automated.

For the private sector, the transformation is creating a new industry. Once government information is expressed as standardized, open data instead of disconnected documents, technology companies can build solutions that republish it to improve democratic accountability, analyze it to enable better management, and automate compliance processes.

The Coalition’s members’ capabilities inform its whole mission. Their products and services can deliver accountability for citizens and investors, enable data-driven management decisions, and replace manual compliance processes with automatic ones – if the right data reforms are enacted and implemented. The Coalition has six membership classes: Executive, Partner, Regular, Industry, Startup, and Trade Association.

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The pioneering work that the Data Coalition has done towards the passage and implementation of the DATA Act has begun to transform public sector financial reporting. The Data Coalition is dedicated to seeing machine-readable federal spending data, which will make data-driven decisions the norm in the near future.
Mike Starr

Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Workiva’s involvement with the Data Coalition just makes sense. As an open and private data platform built on top of the semantic web, we are constantly looking for ways to multiply our efforts of making data analysis collaborative, useful, clean, and applicable to a host of private and public issues. The Data Coalition’s members and efforts are helping us make this possible for both the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Brett Hurt

CEO and Co-founder, a Certified B Corporation®

We joined the Data Coalition, as Industry Members, because we recognized the value of the Coalition’s advocacy efforts towards deepening standardized financial data in the private sector, such as in-line XBRL. Business data standards, such as XBRL, have already expanded our capabilities in foreign markets, and will enhance our ability to serve investors here in the U.S

Aron Szapiro

Director of Policy Research, Morningstar, Inc.

The Data Coalition is having tremendous impact convening thought leaders and policymakers around a change agenda that is resulting in our government being more transparent and providing more access to data assets.  Being a member in the Data Coalition and staying actively engaged in the community supporting its transformational mission inspires our teams and has helped us to bring informed thinking to our work with clients across the government.

Bryce Pipert

Vice President , Booz Allen Hamilton

The Data Coalition holds a unique position that allows them to bring leaders from public and private sectors together at conferences and smaller events, where we can talk about how to best leverage expertise to address public sector needs in the world of open data and data analysis. This type of network is incredibly valuable

Robert Shea

Principal , Grant Thornton

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